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Your source for all of your trailer axle solutions...

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City Spring Ltd. is fully equipped to supply whatever axle you require. With the capability to custom-build axles from 2,000 lb. to 8,000 lb. capacity, we can make sure that it fits your needs perfectly. Additionally, City Spring is a distributor and specialty manufacturer for Dexter Axles, backing up our local manufacturing with the vast selection and reputation of Dexter Axles, and allowing us to offer axles ranging from 600 lbs. to 20,000 lbs.

There are two primary groups of axles that City Spring offers:

  • Spring Axles
  • Torsion Axles

Please visit the individual pages for these axle types to learn more about what we offer, and to place an order.

Additional Links to Assist With Your Orders:

  • To view the sizes of hubs that City Spring has available, visit our hub selection page.
  • If you require replacement parts or schematics for any of your axles, see our parts breakdown form.
  • We also provide a bolt-circle diagram for your orders.