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trailer axles - Torsion

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Specializing in FlexirideŽ trailer axle solutions...

FlexirideŽ rubber torsion axles are built on state of the art technology for light duty trailers. The FlexirideŽ cartridge rubber torsion system is a completely bonded suspension, the only one of its kind in the market today. Widely used on horse trailers, boat trailers, motorcycle trailers and utility trailers, FlexirideŽ offers superior ride and damping performance over conventional leaf spring suspensions.

The FlexirideŽ cartridges can be manufactured as half axles which are perfect for special applications where full beam axles cannot be used.

FlexirideŽ Advantages

Durability: The cartridge construction offers superior resistance to abrasive road elements, increasing the life and durability of the axle.

Smooth ride and longer life: The high quality rubber guarantees a smoother ride and longer life.
Safer and stronger: The specially engineered one piece forged spindle arm creates a system which is safer and stronger than any welded unit.
Adjustable: The splined spindle arm is adjustable for a range of starting angles to suit special applications.
Easy replacement: Unlike welded systems the FlexirideŽ spindle arm can be removed easily for repair or replacement.
Quick installation: The axle assembly requires only four bolts to mount reducing installation time.
Delivery: Built-to-suit axle system reduces lead times and inventory.
Warranty: The Universal Group Corporation offers a five year warranty on FlexirideŽ components.
Independent wheel action: Soft, quiet, practically shock-free ride.