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leaf spring manufacture and repair

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We manufacture and repair leaf and coil springs in a wide variety of dimensions and designs including coil and leaf spring styles...

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Leaf Springs . . . 

Whether you're looking to build, repair, or replace a leaf spring, Spring Service is ready to provide you with what you need. If the part you're looking for isn't currently in our warehouse, our experienced spring manufacturers are able to provide you with any configuration that you require.

Leaf Spring Order Form:

Leaf Spring Ordering Information

In and effort to keep this as simple as possible, here is some basic information to help you to identify the specifications of your leaf spring.

There are two methods that you can use to identify your spring:

  1. Check the spring for it's part number. This can be located in a variety of places, or you may have the part number from the original manufacturer. Depending on the spring this may be located anywhere from on or around the eyes or hooks on the end, to the side or bottom of the spring.
  2. Make, model, and year of the vehicle (front axle, rear axle), along with accurate measurements, is the best way to identify a spring. You will have to measure the dimensions of the spring in order for us to identify it. For more information on how and what to measure, please see our Leaf Spring Measurement Page.

Once you have the needed information, get in touch with us by visiting the Contact Page.

Attaching Hardware

Spring Service Ltd. can manufacture U-Bolts to the dimensions you require. You can order U-Bolts through our Online Order Form, or you can use our Print and Fax Form.

For more information on ordering and installing U-Bolts, please see our Technical Section Article. For U-Bolt torquing guidelines, reference our U-Bolt Torque Table.