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Coil spring manufacture and repair

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We manufacture and repair leaf and coil springs in a wide variety of dimensions and designs including coil and leaf spring styles...

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Specialty Spring Order Forms

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For information on on custom springs outside of these formats, contact us in person.

Information to Assist in Ordering Your Springs

If you need a spring to replace a broken spring, you don't need to know a whole lot about design. On the other hand, if you're making a prototype of a machine, for instance, and you don't know exactly what you want, then this page is for you. Here you'll learn some basic data about spring design, which is what you'll need to know to order exactly the spring you want.

There are three basic principles in spring design:

  • The heavier the wire, the stronger the spring.
  • The smaller the coil, the stronger the spring.
  • The more active coils, the less load you will have to apply in order to get it to move a certain distance.

For compression springs:

  • If the spring will set solid (compress all the way, so that all the coils touch each other) at the limit of its travel, the diameter of the wire times the number of coils cannot be greater than the space allowed, unless you want the spring itself to act as a mechanical stop to the motion.
  • Springs that operate in a high-temperature environment (like for instance inside an engine) will need to be made slightly longer to compensate for the fact that the heat may have an effect on the length of the spring.
  • As a compression spring assumes a load and shortens, the diameter of the active coils will increase. This is only a problem when the spring has to work in a confined space.

To order compression springs, print and fill out our Compression Spring Order Form.

For extension springs:

  • There should be some mechanical limit on how far the spring will extend, or the spring will lose its shape and not return to its initial condition with all coils closed.
  • Extension springs operating in a high-temperature environment may have to be coiled extra-tight, as the heat will tend to weaken the spring.

To order extension springs, print and fill out our Extension Spring Order Form.

For torsion springs:

  • When a torsion springs assumes a load, the diameter of the coil body will decrease. If the spring has something inside the coil, it will act as a mechanical stop to the action of the spring.

To order torsion springs, print and fill out our Torsion Spring Order Form.